Yamaha 400 Series YRS-402B Soprano Recorder

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Introducing… The New 400-Series Recorders!

Yamaha once again breaks new ground with the world’s first musical instruments made from plant-based resins. The 400-series soprano recorders are constructed using ECODEAR™, a type of plastic that replaces a portion of the oil-based raw materials used in regular plastics with resins produced from plant starch.

While these models share the same general design as the popular YRS-301 and YRS-302B, the higher density of ECODEAR compared to regular ABS gives these recorders a richer, more centered tone and improved breath resistance and response. All of this combines to give these new recorders a sound and feel close to that of wooden recorders.

Soprano voice, key of C. 3-piece construction with arched windway and Rottenburgh body design. Includes zippered cloth case, manual and fingering chart, recorder cream and cleaning rod. Available in German (YRS-401) and traditional Baroque (YRS-402B) fingerings.

YRS-401 – Soprano Recorder, key of C, German Fingering
YRS-402B – Soprano Recorder, key of C, Baroque Fingering


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