Conducting Batons

Guide your orchestra or choral groups to make majestic music with conducting batons from West Music. Beautifully manufactured and high quality, our batons hail from brands like Hamel, Mollard, King David and Trophy. Whether you prefer a wooden or cork grip, a 10" or 14" shaft, you'll find it here. Many of the tools in our selection are hand-crafted from fine wood and designed for seamless use, elegance and responsiveness - to work like an extension of your arm. Find your conducting baton today!

When it comes to conducting batons, there is no shortage of choice in the marketplace. Conductors and band directors can select from top brands like Hamel and Mollard, grips made from wood or cork, varying shaft lengths, and even different weighting configurations. However, despite all of these options, one fact remains - it is imperative to find a baton that allows for effortless use, prevents shoulder fatigue, and acts like an extension of the arm.

Since everyone's tastes are different, choosing the right conducting baton is not a “one size fits all” process. Leaders need to consider their height, hand and finger size of their ensemble(s), where they like to hold the baton, and what type of music they typically conduct. Keep in mind batons have different balance points, handle sizes, and responsiveness that lend themselves to particular requirements and styles. Discover your next favorite mallet set at West Music!

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