Orff Metallophones

Metallophones are a classic instrument for beginners and pros alike. These instruments, which look very similar to xylophones and glockenspiels, encompass a wider variety of sounds and styles. West Music proudly offers a selection of diatonically and chromatically tuned metallophones in the soprano, alto, tenor and deep bass ranges. The wooden resonator boxes of many of these instruments have been expertly designed by Sonor and Studio 49 for optimal sound. Order one for your classroom or home today.

Traditionally used in Asian music, metallophones have seamlessly made their way over into the American musical landscape. Whether you’re a brand new musician or a seasoned pro, an Orff metallophone is fun for players of all ages and skill levels! Youngsters will especially have fun studying the basics of rhythm and melody on the bars as their ears pickup differences between sounds. What makes metallophones so distinct is that the notes are easily removed and replaced to accommodate a tried-and-true learning process. At West Music, we offer tabletop and stand-alone Sonor and Studio 49 metallophone options to accommodate your musical set up. Dive into the many soprano, alto and bass instruments we offer to find the right ones for your classroom and students.

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